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The Data Privacy Foundation

Our Vision: Towards One Global Data Privacy Law

What is the DPF? The Data Privacy Foundation is a knowledge based, “Think-Tank & Brains-Trust” oriented society, incorporated in New Zealand. It does not aspire to be policy or a training organisation; it is not a professional development organisation nor a certification agency. Instead it is a collaborative alliance of privacy professionals, working together to harness knowledge for the common good.

Why do we need this? We live in a boundaryless world in the digital age. Traditional laws do not work in protecting our data. Rather than a piece-meal approach, with individual countries and regions struggling to define laws in a vain attempt to catch up with fast moving technology, we need a unified law - a framework and a template. Countries can then utilize this template to implemen t new cybercrime-specific laws and/or to amend their current laws to align with the global standard. We need to move towards one data privacy law for the world, consistently applied across jurisdictions.

What are the benefits? Proactive rather than reactive, every country is able to participate, and to apply one consistent law and framework. It would greatly simplify matters for businesses, service providers and users, and would solve a major issue in the digital age.

The Purposes of the DPF are:

To assist in achieving global alignment of data privacy laws by identifying gaps and shortfalls in country and regional laws and legal systems, thereby ensuring full legal protection of data. To establish the premier, knowledge based, definitive global authority on data privacy. To provide knowledge, tools and events to assure data privacy across the globe. To establish, build, and sustain data privacy knowledge databases by harnessing collaborative, open source, scalable contributions and technologies. To facilitate delivery of data privacy at a level not achievable or limited by any one organisation or country.

Privacy Initiatives: The DPF currently provides a comprehensive data privacy reference matrix representing all major cloud-hosting countries in the world.